Fujifilm FinePix F100fd

Ok, I bought myself a Fujifilm FinePix F100fd camera the other day, as it fulfilled my requirements pretty good:

1. It’s compact, noticeably smaller than my previous Sony one.

2. While not a 3″ LCD it features a 2.7″ one, which is a tiny bit larger than my previous’ 2.5″.

3. Image Stabilizer. And in my test shots it seems to make a difference. I’ll admit I haven’t yet played a lot with it on and off, but especially when zooming it seems to do some good.

4. Good low-light images. Yes it does. I’ve so far seen it go down to ISO1600 on auto and while that isn’t the best pictures, using flash is certainly not a good way to achieve great pics either (in general).

5. It accepts SDHC cards. I put a 4GB one in to start with as it costs virtually nothing. My previous camera had 512MB so it’s still 8 times the size. Of course my Sony was 5 megapixels and this does 12 so it will of course produce larger image files.

Possibly I’ll try to make some comparison pictures with my old and my new cameras later on.