Cure coming for Wrap Rage?

This phenomena you thought you were alone to experience, the rage and anger you feel when you’ve bought some new toy and you get it packaged in tight and nearly un-enforceable plastic that demands a decent amount of violence and persistence to crack. It’s called Wrap Rage.

I’ve been told the packages (called blister packs or clam shells) are designed to be this way to be able to show off the merchandise while at the same time prevent thefts: it is hard for a customer to just extract something out of those things in your typical physical store.

Amazon’s initiative Frustration-Free packaging is indeed a refreshing take on this and apparently an attempt to reverse this development. Online stores really cannot have any good reasons to use this kind of armor around products since there’s no risk of stealing. I wish others will follow to make the manufacturers realize that there is a market for this. This needs to be done by manufacturers of stuff, the stores cannot be made to repackage stuff due to warranties and what not.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you could even find cheaper ways to package products once you let go of some of the requirements that no longer apply for online stores. Visibility of the products once packaged is another thing that is pointless for online stores but I would expect is very important to sales in physical stores. I’ve always thought it is pretty pointless and expensive that every single package is made to be able to be a display model. To be able to attract customers to buy it. When you buy the thing online it’s no longer just pointless, it’s plain stupid.

Imagine a future when you can just open your new toy without getting bruises or scratch marks!

What is this yassl really?

yassl is said to be Yet Another SSL library and I’ve been told that for example it is the preferred library used by the mysql camp. I got interested in this several years ago when I learned about it since I thought it was fun to see an alternative implementation of OpenSSL that still offers the same API.

Since then, I’ve amused myself by trying to build and run curl with it like every six months or so. I’ve made (lib)curl build fine with yassl (and its configure script also detects that it is an OpenSSL API emulated by yassl), but I’ve never seen it run the entire curl test suite through without failing at least one test!

I asked the mysql guy about how yassl has worked for them, but he kind of shrugged and admitted that they hadn’t tried it much (and then I don’t know really who he spoke for, the entire team or just he and his closest friends) but he said it worked for them.

Today I noticed the yassl version 1.9.6 that I downloaded, built and tried against curl. This time curl completely fails to build with it…

Let me also point out that it’s not like I’ve not told the yassl team (person?) about these problems in the past. I have, and there have been adjustments that have been meant to address problems I’ve seen. I just can’t make curl use it successfully… libcurl can still be built and run with OpenSSL, GnuTLS or NSS so it’s not like we lack SSL library alternatives.

The same team/person seems to behind another SSL lib called Cyassl that’s aimed for smaller footprint systems and I’ve heard whispers about people trying to get libcurl to build against that and it surely is going to be interesting to see where that leads!