Rockbox coming along on Sansa v2s

There have been fierce activity in the dusty corners of the Rockbox project known as the SanDisk Sansa v2 hackers guild (no not really but I thought it sounded amusing) and this has so far resulted in early code like LCD drivers and NAND drivers on three new upcoming targets: The e200, Fuze and Clip.

There’s still work to do before the celebrations can start for real, but it’s still nice to see good progress.

Now run over and help out!

(picture by Bertrik Sikken)

FNOSS hosts nordic foss blogs

There’s yet another blog aggregator on the internet now, and this time it’s which includes blogs from a bunch of “Nordic” (I would assume that means people from the northern parts of Europe) people writing about free software and related matters. I am one.

My blog is since previously also seen in the advogato aggregation.

This of course makes my blog get more read but like the rss feeds it also makes it harder for me to know how many readers/visitors I have since it’s all distributed. Not that this number matter very much anyway…

Metalink in curl bounty

The Metalink guys host a list of project ideas and one of those ideas is to add metalink support to curl, and I recently bumped the stakes a bit by raising the bounty with an additional 200 USD so that the offer is now 500 USD for the person or team that brings the feature as described.

My primary motivation for doing this is that I like the metalink idea and I’d like to help making sure it gets used more widely.