FNOSS hosts nordic foss blogs

There’s yet another blog aggregator on the internet now, and this time it’s fnoss.org which includes blogs from a bunch of “Nordic” (I would assume that means people from the northern parts of Europe) people writing about free software and related matters. I am one.

My blog is since previously also seen in the advogato aggregation.

This of course makes my blog get more read but like the rss feeds it also makes it harder for me to know how many readers/visitors I have since it’s all distributed. Not that this number matter very much anyway…

5 thoughts on “FNOSS hosts nordic foss blogs”

  1. w00t! F{N}OSS, which I am webmasterino for, is going to be a fun lively place for Nordic Free Software bloggers! And their family and friends. 🙂

  2. Looks like that is a bug in the planet software because planet generates both the template (which has the meta tags) and the headers.

    I’ll file a bug with them, thanks Daniel.


  3. Fixed it by changing /etc/apache2/conf.d/charset

    Thanks Daniel, and sorry for all the noise. But at least you get lots of comments on your blog!

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