Snaxx 21


It is now time to once again leave your dark and dusty corners of your office or closet, bring yourself up to speed on what currency we’re using in this country and then unite with fellow hackers and technologists in Stockholm City during a fine September evening. The entire Haxx team is delighted to inform that Snaxx-21 is about to happen…

Monday, September 28th 2009

Time: around 18:30

Where: see the snaxx site!

As usual we’re informal, and as our friends you’re of course allowed and encouraged to bring other friends who are similar in spirit and who you think would appreciate an event such as this.

When you’ve decided to show up, please email me and say so.

There might even be free t-shirts involved this time!

Oh, and if you are a Stockholmer and didn’t get this invite by mail already, let me know and I’ll add you to the list of people who get this notice by the old trusty RFC822 way.