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Snaxx delivers

A pint of guinnessLate in the year 1999 I quit my job. I handed over a signed paper where I wrote that I quit and then I started my new job first thing in the year 2000. I had a bunch of friends at the work I left and together with my closest friends (who coincidentally also switched jobs at roughly the same time) we decided we needed a way to keep in touch with friends that isn’t associated with our current employer.

The fix, the “employer independent” social thing to help us keep in touch with friends and colleagues in the industry, started on the last of February 2000. The 29th of February, since it was a leap year and that fact alone is a subject that itself must’ve been discussed at that meetup.

Snaxx was born.

Snaxx is getting a bunch of friends to a pub somewhere in Stockholm. Preferably a pub with lots of great beers and a sensible sound situation. That means as little music as possible and certainly no TVs or anything. We keep doing them at a pace of two or three per year or so.

Bishops Arms logo

Yesterday we had the 31st Snaxx and just under 30 guests showed up (that might actually have been the new all time high). We had many great beers, food and we argued over bug reporting, discussed source code formats, electric car charging, C64 nostalgia, mentioned Linux kernel debugging methods, how to transition from Erlang to javascript development and a whole load of other similarly very important topics. The Bishops Arms just happens to be a brand of pubs here that have a really sensible view on how to run pubs to be suitable for our events so yesterday we once again visited one of their places.

Thanks for a great time yesterday, friends! I’ll be setting up a date for number 32 soon. I figure it’ll be in the January 2015 time frame…If you want to get notified with an email, sign up yourself on the snaxx mailing list.

A few pictures from yesterday can be found on the Snaxx-31 G+ event page.

Snaxx 27

A pint of guinnessGoing strong after 12 years in the making. For the 27th time we’re gathering friends in the Stockholm Sweden area who are interested in technology, open source, beers, slightly inaccurate Monty Python quotes, reverse engineering electronics and similar very important topics. We might also have a beer or two and talk rubbish.

On October 31st 2012 we invite all and every of our tech oriented friends to visit


We figured the 27th time would be the perfect time to do something new, so we now host the information on the fine snaxx.se domain.

Snaxx 23

For the 23rd time we’re gathering friends in the Stockholm Sweden area who’re interested in technology, open source, beers, Monty Python, reverse engineering, rewriting things into assembler for the fun of it and similar very important topics.A pint of guinness


Haxx happily invites you to waste an evening by talking and drinking at October 18th 2010 with us and friends in our spirit.

[ we should get ourselves a snaxx logo, so if you’re reading this and have some talent consider yourself wanted and appreciated! ]

Snaxx 21


It is now time to once again leave your dark and dusty corners of your office or closet, bring yourself up to speed on what currency we’re using in this country and then unite with fellow hackers and technologists in Stockholm City during a fine September evening. The entire Haxx team is delighted to inform that Snaxx-21 is about to happen…

Monday, September 28th 2009

Time: around 18:30

Where: see the snaxx site!

As usual we’re informal, and as our friends you’re of course allowed and encouraged to bring other friends who are similar in spirit and who you think would appreciate an event such as this.

When you’ve decided to show up, please email me and say so.

There might even be free t-shirts involved this time!

Oh, and if you are a Stockholmer and didn’t get this invite by mail already, let me know and I’ll add you to the list of people who get this notice by the old trusty RFC822 way.

Snaxx 20


In order to boost the amount of bullshit and beer drinking within a technological atmosphere, we give you Snaxx #20 on April the 15th.

The Haxx team invites friends to a cozy little crowded place in central Stockholm where we’ll eat, chat and drink while talking hard core tech, open source, repeated digits among the pi decimals, kernel scheduling, how threading works on the latest intel CPU cores and similar worldly topics.

We only ask that you tell us first if you intend to come so that we can make sure we all fit!

Snaxx 19

In an attempt at making something social, to actually meet up with real-life physical people buHaxx!t yet avoid common trivial subjects and only stay on-topic with technology, computing, work, beer and things related to that, we’re gathering at the next Snaxx on november 20th somewhere in Stockholm city Sweden. The exact location has yet to be decided.

If you’re into technology, open source, good ales, talking about work on your spare time or possibly all of that at once – then you might just be one of us.


Openmoko freeruns Qt

Back at FSCONS ’07, I asked the guy doing the Openmoko presentation about whether they are going GTK or Qt, as his talk mentioned both and he didn’t really spell it out on what horse they were putting their money on. He then thought it was a really funny question and went on to explain how the Openmoko is like a small computer that can run anything you want. A bit like he was educating us that embedded devices do have CPUs that can run actual software. As if they wouldn’t have a main branch and a main development selecting one of these particular toolkits…

Many moon laps later, I discussed Openmoko with a friend over a few stouts at Snaxx 18, and he explained how he’d got one of the dev boards a long time ago and had kept up and tried a lot of versions of it and that it basically never worked to even make simple phone calls. He gave me the impression that perhaps the project wasn’t really that well run if it after this long still don’t have even the most basic functionality present and running stable.Dash Express

Therefor I was happy to listen to TWIT 143 about the Dash Express and them telling me about it being based on the Openmoko platform. It felt like solid proof they are moving in the right direction then, so at least parts of the project must be functioning!

Then, to round it up it was with a big grin I read about the recent news that they are abandoning GTK and are now going to use E17 and Qt instead. Not a trace of any “this is like a small computer it can run anything” talk now (although I do understand that the statement was just something from this person and not any public endorsement from the project or so). This very same Ars Technica article says the first Openmoko based phone called Freerunner is going into “mass production stage next month” (that would be June 2008).

Personally, I can still see how making Rockbox run as an application on an Openmoko device would be a very cool thing.

Snaxx v18

Me and my fellows of the Haxx tribe have been arranging the Snaxx series of gatherings for about eight years by now and on this Wednesday the 19th of March 2008 it is time for the 18th meeting. We gather up in a dark pub in Stockholm to talk tech, work, open source and similar crap with similar-minded people while going through the beers of the place.

Since several of us in Haxx are pretty much into ales, porters and stouts we tend to prefer places with a large selection of that kind of beer, both on draft and on bottle.

We tend to be somewhere around 10 to 15 friends, but I really prefer if you mail me and tell me if you intend to come so that we can arrange properly to deal with the amount of people that show up. We’re basically all friends and friends of friends.

So if you’re a friend and in Stockholm, welcome!