Rockbox presentation video

Robert Menes held a talk at the NYLUG a while ago about the Rockbox project:

I started out the talk by giving a little background on Rockbox; basically how it started, how it was ported around to new targets, and how the community grew as interest peaked. I showed off features of Rockbox, as well as supported targets, nearly supported targets, and even in-progress targets. I then went into describing Rockbox’s features in greater detail, and then a run-down of the development process, as well as how to compile your own builds. Many people asked questions along the way, so I answered them as they were asked. I also think that people were probably shocked at the sheer amount of targets that were shown off (nearly 40 DAPs were there!)

The 76 minute (1.6 GB) video from that event is available from the mirrors. Set your video player to stream from there unless you really want to download that entire thing!

Rockbox at NYLUG presentation video

Sandisk: “our sound fidelity isn’t perfect”

Some owners of the SansSanDisk Sansa Clipa Clip player from SanDisk noticed that it does playback of all songs with a minor pitch. Due to a flawed HW setup they don’t do a proper 44,100 Hz but instead 43,791 Hz (0.993 times the target value) or something like that. According to some sources this problem might be fixed in the Sansa Fuze players now.

Bugs aren’t really so surprising, perhaps what is surprising is that this bug has been around now for almost two years. To make matters worse, SanDisk now decided that due to them making cheap players people shouldn’t expect them to be very good sound quality wise and therefore they can simply not fix the problems:

due to trade-off decisions that were made in engineering these products to deliver superior consumer value at what we believe are extremely attractive price points, our sound fidelity isn’t perfect. We have re-evaluated the possibility of reducing the pitch variation and due to the engineering trade-offs the decision was made to stay with the current design. Very few listeners, however, have noticed or complained about it as an issue in actual practice.  For those who can detect sound differences with their naked ears during actual use and not via frequency analysis, our products may not be the best choice for them.

Clip owners out there now put their hope even more on Rockbox for Clip.