Unexpected C64 reference

Yesterday at the OPTIMERA STHLM conference, Isac Lagerblad, really surprised me when he brought up an image of me and my fellow hackers in the C64 demo group named Horizon from back in the days of 1990. I’m the guy in the middle in the lower row.

You can see it happen at 02:35 into the part 4 clip, where you’ll go if you click on the image (Isac’s talk is in Swedish).

OPTIMERA STHLM sudden tribute to Daniel for cURL with C64 referenceThe original picture is a very old scan and isn’t a lot better:

I was honored and flattered by this unexpected “tribute”. Thanks Isac, it was really fun to see!

And before anyone asks: me and my brother Björn got our first Commodore 64 1985 and that is what got me into computers. I’ve not stopped enjoying them since then. We did a lot of demos, a few games and we had a great time and got similar minded friends all over the world.

My talk Optimera Sthlm

30 minutes is a tricky period to fill with contents when you do a talk, and yesterday I did my best at confusing/informing the audience at the OPTIMERA STHLM conference in transport layer performance. Where time is spent or lost today in TCP, what to think about to get things to behave faster, that RTT is not getting better even though brandwidth is growing really fast these days and a little about some future technologies like WebSockets, SPDY, SCTP and MPTCP.

Note: this talk is entirely in Swedish.

My slides for this is also viewable with slideshare.net like this: