The curl year 2020

As we’re approaching the end of the year, I just want to sum up the curl year with a few words.

2020 has been another glorious year in the curl project. We’ve seen a series of accomplishments and introductions of new things during this the year of the plague.


I personally have done more commits in the git repository since any year after 2004 (890 so far).

The total number of commits done in git is the largest since 2014 (1445 plus some).

The number of published curl related CVEs is the lowest since 2013 (6). For the ones we announced, we could reward record amounts in our bug bounty program!

139 authors wrote commits that were merged (so far).

We did nine curl releases, out of which two unfortunately were quicker “panic releases” that patched up problems in the previous release.

Seven changes to remember

We’ve logged no less than 905 bug-fixes and 30 changes in the releases of this year, but the seven perhaps most memorable things we’ve introduced in 2020 are…


This year I’ve introduced the concept of doing a “release presentation” for every release. Those are videos where I go through and discuss the changes, the security releases and some interesting bug-fixes. Each release links to those from the changelog page on the website.

New home

This is the year when we finally got ourselves a curl domain. is our new home.

What didn’t happen

We cancelled curl up 2020 due to Covid-19. It was planned to happen in Berlin. We did it purely online instead. We’re not planning any new physical curl up for 2021 either. Let’s just wait and see what happens with the pandemic next year and hope that we might be able to go back and have a physical meetup in 2022…

It is a curl world