Times I listen

I listen to perhaps 4-5 podcast episodes per week. I figure they last a total of three hours or perhaps a little less. I don’t consider that to be much in any sense, but still I find that a lot of my friends ask me how I get time to listen to them while at the same time run a “normal” real life with two kids and hack on a zillion open source projects.

I honestly find the question a bit funny, since I know a lot of people listen to radio or music a lot more than so per week.

I just happen to always put the latest episodes of my favorite podcasts on my mp3 player and I carry the player with me. Whenever I’m about to do something on my own that doesn’t need my full brain present, like shopping groceries, doing the dishes, cleaning up in the house, mowing the lawn or in fact even when watching cartoons or children’s television I can just put an earplug into one of my ears and get quality shows and thus enrich the situation I’m in! I can tell you doing the dishes is a lot better with a great podcast!

I don’t commute or drive very long to and back from work currently which otherwise are the perfect podcast moments.

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  1. Yes, MediaMonkey keeps my sansa’s podcasts up-to-date, and then I just slip an earphone in when possible

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