curl up 2021

curl up 2021 happened today.

We had five presentations done, all prerecorded and made available before the event. At the Sunday afternoon we gathered to discuss the presentations and everything around those topics.

The presentations

  1. The state of curl 2021 – Daniel Stenberg
  2. curl security 2021 – Daniel Stenberg
  3. libcurl under the hood – Daniel Stenberg
  4. Interfacing rust – Stefan Eissing
  5. Curl profiling – Jim Fuller.


We were not very many who actually joined the meeting, and out of the people in the meeting a majority decided to be spectators only and remained muted with their cameras off.

It turned out as a two hour long mostly casual talk among me, Stefan Eissing and Emil Engler about the presentations and related topics. Toward the end, Kamil Dudka appeared.

The three of us get to talk about roadmap items, tests, security, writing code that interfaces modules written in rust and what more details in the libcurl internals that could use further descriptions and documentation.

The video

The agenda in the video is roughly following the agenda order in the 2021 wiki page and the discussion topics mentioned there.


Thanks to wolfSSL for sponsoring the video meeting account used!

curl pictures

“Memes” or other fun images involving curl. Please send or direct me to other ones you think belong in this collection! Kept here solely to boost my ego.

All modern digital infrastructure

This is the famous xkcd strip number 2347, modified to say Sweden and 1997 by @tsjost. I’ve seen this picture taking some “extra rounds” in various places, somehow also being claimed to be xkcd 2347 when people haven’t paid attention to the “patch” in the text.

Entire web infrastructure

Image by @matthiasendler

Car contract

This photo of a rental car contract with an error message on the printed paper was given to me by a good person I’ve unfortunately lost track of.

The developer dice

Thanks to Cassidy. (For purchase here.)

Don’t use -X

Remember that using curl -X is very often just the wrong thing to do. Jonas Forsberg helps us remember:

The curl

In an email from NASA that I received and shared, the person asked about details for “the curl”.

Image by eichkat3r at mastodon.

You’re sure this is safe?

Piping curl output straight into a shell is a much debated practice…

Picture by Tim Chase.

curl, reinvented by…

Remember the powershell curl alias?

Picture by Shashimal Senarath.


This is an old classic:

curl please


Screenshotted curl credits.

Every base is base 10

This image originally comes from but sadly it seems the page that once showed it is no longer there. I saved it from that site already back in 2015, but I cannot recall the exact URL it used. The image is still available at[1].png.

Since I consider this picture such an iconic classic and masterpiece, I decided I better host it here in a small attempt to preserve it for everyone to enjoy.

Because, you know, every base is base 10.

Update: the original page on