curl sighting: Tschugger

In the Swiss crime comedy TV series Tschugger, season two episode two at roughly 25:20, there is a shot with a curl command line in a terminal window using an unnecessary –request option.

Following the curl line is what looks like an interactive login procedure, which certainly is not something a real curl would present. Based on this, I think we need to give this use of curl a fairly low realism score: a 2 out 5.

Trying that displayed command line in a real terminal unfortunately only gives us Could not resolve host: I doubt that the TV company actually purchased this domain though. It seems a little too generic.

I have not seen it

I have not been able to view this episode so I cannot yet comment on the conditions and the surroundings for when this snapshot is taken. Once I do, I might be able to extend the description above somewhat.


First brought to my attention by Cybergossipgirl, who also took the snapshot seen above.

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