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FNOSS hosts nordic foss blogs

There’s yet another blog aggregator on the internet now, and this time it’s fnoss.org which includes blogs from a bunch of “Nordic” (I would assume that means people from the northern parts of Europe) people writing about free software and related matters. I am one.

My blog is since previously also seen in the advogato aggregation.

This of course makes my blog get more read but like the rss feeds it also makes it harder for me to know how many readers/visitors I have since it’s all distributed. Not that this number matter very much anyway…

Open Force on idg

So the big fancy (and often ridiculously stupid) Swedish IT news site idg.se opened up a “blogging” portal, and in there we find an at least semi-interesting open source blog named Open Force. Contrary to linuxworld.idg.se, it doesn’t look exactly like they just suck out all the news from slashdot, linux.com and linux today and translate them to Swedish.

But of course the author (Niklas Andersson) is but a journalist and not an open source contributor, why I fear it may very well keep up with the rest of idg.se anyway.

I’ll try to keep an eye on it and give it the benefit of the doubt for a while.

Update: it should possibly be noted that “Open Force” – despite the name – is written entirely in Swedish.