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a big curl forward

We’re proudly presenting a major new release of curl and libcurl and we call it 7.20.0.

The primary reason we decided to bump the minor number this time was that we introduce a range of new protocols, but we also did some other rather big works. This is the biggest update to curl and libcurl that have been made in recent years. Let me mention some of the other noteworthy changes and bugfixes:

We fixed a potential security issue, that would occur if an application requested to download compressed HTTP content and told libcurl to automatically uncompress it (CURLOPT_ENCODING) as then libcurl could wrongly call the write callback (CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION) with a larger buffer than what is documented to be the maximum size.

TFTP was finally converted to a “proper” protocol internally. By that I mean that it can now be used with the multi interface in an asynchronous way and it has far less special treatments. It is now “just another protocol” basically and that is a good thing. Also, the BLKSIZE problem with TFTP that has haunted us for a while was fixed so I really think this is the best version ever for TFTP in libcurl.

In several different places in the code older versions of libcurl didn’t properly call the progress callback while waiting for some special event to happen. This made the curl tool’s progress meter less responding but perhaps more importantly it prevented apps that use libcurl to abort the transfer during those phases. The affected periods included the ftp connection phase (including the initial FTP commands and responses), waiting for the TCP connect to complete and resolving host names using c-ares.

The DNS cache was found to have at least two bugs that could make entries linger in the database eternally and in another case too long. For apps that use a lot of connections to a lot of hosts, these problems could result in some serious performance punishments when the DNS cache lookups got slower and slower over time.

Users of the funny ftp server drftpd will appreciate that (lib)curl now support the PRET command, which is needed when getting data off such servers in passive mode. It’s a bit of a hack, but what can we do? We didn’t invent it nor can we help that it’s a popular thing to use! 😉


c-ares 1.7.0

The first c-ares release so far in 2009 took place today when we shipped c-ares 1.7.0 and uploaded it to the web site.

News this time include:

  • Added ares_library_init() and ares_library_cleanup()
  • Added ares_parse_srv_reply(), ares_parse_txt_reply() and ares_free_data()
  • in6_addr is not used in ares.h anymore, but a private ares_in6_addr is
    instead declared and used
  • ares_gethostbyname() now supports ‘AF_UNSPEC’ as a family for resolving
    either AF_INET6 or AF_INET
  • a build-time configured ares_socklen_t is now used instead of socklen_t
  • new –enable-curldebug configure option
  • ARES_ECANCELLED is now sent as reason for ares_cancel()
  • new –enable-symbol-hiding configure option
  • new Makefile.msvc for any MSVC compiler or MS Visual Studio version
  • addrttl and addr6ttl structs renamed to ares_addrttl and ares_addr6ttl
  • naming convention for libraries built with MSVC, see README.msvc

The set of bugfixes done include these:

  • ares_parse_*_reply() functions now return ARES_EBADRESP instead of
    ARES_EBADNAME if the name in the response failed to decode
  • only expose/export symbols starting with ‘ares_’
  • fix \Device\TCP handle leaks triggered by buggy iphlpapi.dll
  • init without internet gone no longer fails
  • out of bounds memory overwrite triggered with malformed /etc/hosts file
  • function prototypes in man pages out of sync with ares.h

As usual, c-ares would be nothing without the fierce and skillful help provided by a team of volunteer hackers. We always need more help and assitance, join the c-ares mailing list and join in the fun!


curl and libcurl 7.19.7

Time again for a happy release event. Can you believe  this is in fact the 113th release?cURL

Run over to the curl download page to get it!

This time, we bring happiness with the best curl and libcurl release ever and it features four changes and a range of bug fixes. The changes to note this time include:

And a collection of bugs fixed since the previous release involves these issues:

  • The windows makefiles work again
  • libcurl-NSS acknowledges verifyhost
  • SIGSEGV when pipelined pipe unexpectedly breaks
  • data corruption issue with re-connected transfers
  • use after free if we’re completed but easy_conn not NULL (pipelined)
  • missing strdup() return code check
  • CURLOPT_PROXY_TRANSFER_MODE could pass along wrong syntax
  • configure –with-gnutls=PATH fixed
  • ftp response reader bug on failed control connections
  • improved NSS error message on failed host name verifications
  • ftp NOBODY on re-used connection hang
  • configure uses pkg-config for cross-compiles as well
  • improved NSS detection in configure
  • cookie expiry date at 1970-jan-1 00:00:00
  • libcurl-OpenSSL failed to verify some certs with Subject Alternative Name
  • libcurl-OpenSSL can load CRL files with more than one certificate inside
  • received cookies without explicit path got saved wrong if the URL had a query part
  • don’t shrink SO_SNDBUF on windows for those who have it set large already
  • connect next bug
  • invalid file name characters handling on Windows
  • double close() on the primary socket with libcurl-NSS
  • GSS negotiate infinite loop on bad credentials
  • memory leak in SCP/SFTP connections
  • use pkg-config to find out libssh2 installation details in configure
  • unparsable cookie expire dates make cookies get treated as session coookies
  • POST with Digest authentication and “Transfer-Encoding: chunked”
  • SCP connection re-use with wrong auth
  • CURLINFO_CONTENT_LENGTH_DOWNLOAD for 0 bytes transfers
  • CURLINFO_SIZE_DOWNLOAD for ldap transfers (-w size_download)

curl 7.19.6 is here!

Yet again we strike back with an update to the popular download tool curl and the transfer library libcurl.

Noticeable changes this time include:

  • A security related fix, for the flaw named CVE-2009-2417.
  • CURLOPT_FTPPORT (and curl’s -P/–ftpport) support port ranges
  • Added CURLOPT_SSH_KNOWNHOSTS, CURLOPT_SSH_KEYFUNCTION, CURLOPT_SSH_KEYDATA so that both the library and the curl tool now understand and work with OpenSSH style known_hosts file (if built with libssh2 1.2 or later)
  • CURLOPT_QUOTE, CURLOPT_POSTQUOTE and  CURLOPT_PREQUOTE can be told to ignore error responses when used with FTP. Handy if you want to run custom commands that may fail, but still enjoy persistent connections properly.

Let me just mention that the known_host support will make the SCP and SFTP transfers done with curl one step more secure. My work on this feature (both in libssh2 and in libcurl) was sponsored by a well-known company that shall remain unidentified at their request.


curl 7.19.5

I’m happy to say that we’ve just shipped our 111th public release of curl and libcurl: 7.19.5

Notable changes this time include:

  • libcurl now closes all dead connections whenever you attempt to open a new connection
  • libssh2’s version number can now be figured out run-time instead of using the build-time fixed number
  • curl can now upload with resume even when reading from a pipe
  • a build-time configured curl_socklen_t is now used instead of socklen_t

… and there are at least 29 bugs fixed. All this during 75 days since the last release.

Thanks everyone!

libssh2 1.1

I’m happy to announce that we now have a version 1.1 of libssh2 released! Noticeable changes this time include:

  • Downloads using SCP or SFTP are now significantly faster
  • Added a Libtool -export-symbols-regex flag to reduce the number of exported symbols in shared libraries.
  • Added a bunch of new man pages and renamed some of the previous ones
  • Enhanced download performance
  • Made libssh2_scp_recv() and libssh2_scp_send() deal with spaces in filenames
  • Fixed the bad randomness and off-by-one in libssh2_channel_x11_req_ex()
  • Added libssh2_version()
  • Fixed libssh2_channel_direct_tcpip_ex() to not fail when called a second time
  • Fixed libssh2_channel_write_ex problems in blocking situations
  • ‘make check’ runs fine on cygwin
  • Added libssh2_channel_receive_window_adjust2() and deprecated  libssh2_channel_receive_window_adjust()
  • better socket error handling internally on win32
  • libssh2 now always set the socket non-blocking internally and deals with the interface as blocking or non-blocking set by libssh2_session_set_blocking.

The library is rapidly maturing and is getting really usable. I’m happy to see that there’s a community slowly building up around this and I’m also grateful for my sponsor paying for parts of the fixes that contribute to make this release the best ever in libssh2’s history.


Rockbox 3.2

The never-ending flow of creativity in the Rockbox project was today turned into a release that we label 3.2. The goodies this time include the things below. The three-months release cycle does prevent the list from growing terribly big…

  • Faster text/graphics rendering on colour targets and in the greyscale library, speeding up list scrolling noticeably on ipod Video.
  • PictureFlow supports all targets except Archos Player, and can function during playback on all non-Archos targets.
  • Add LCD sleep/wakeup for iPod Video (5G, 5.5G) which allows significant increase of battery runtime.
  • New game, Goban plugin.
  • Battery charging on Sansa e200v1/c200v1.
  • PictureFlow resizes cover art on load, and supports greyscale targets.
  • Preliminary support for Ipod accessories.

What didn’t get included:

  • The ‘natsort’ which sorts files with numbers as the number and not by ascii. This caused quite a lot of discussions and will be sorted out for 3.3
  • The Rockbox USB stack. It has been enabled in SVN build for several weeks already, but due to it causing some pretty drastic problems to some users we decided to play it safe and disable it in the release. We really hope it’ll be fine for 3.3.
  • Support for any new targets. The Gigabeat S, the Ondas and the AMS sansas aren’t terribly far away, but still not “there”.

A more detailed list can be found in the Release notes for 3.2.


curl 7.19.4

curl and libcurl 7.19.4 has just been released! This time I think the perhaps most notable fix is the CVS-2009-0037 security fix which this release addresses. A little over 600 days passed since the previous vulnerability was announced.

Other than that major event, there are a bunch of interesting changes in this release:

  • Added CURLOPT_NOPROXY and the corresponding –noproxy
  • the OpenSSL-specific code disables TICKET (rfc5077) which is enabled by default in openssl 0.9.8j
  • Added CURLOPT_SOCKS5_GSSAPI_SERVICE and CURLOPT_SOCKS5_GSSAPI_NEC – with the corresponding curl options –socks5-gssapi-service and –socks5-gssapi-nec
  • Improved IPv6 support when built with with c-ares >= 1.6.1
  • Added CURLPROXY_HTTP_1_0 and –proxy1.0
  • Added docs/libcurl/symbols-in-versions
  • Added support for Digest and NTLM authentication using GnuTLS
  • CURLOPT_FTP_CREATE_MISSING_DIRS can now be set to 2 to retry the CWD even when MKD fails
  • GnuTLS initing moved to curl_global_init()

We also did at least 15 documented bugfixes in this release and 25 people are credited for their help to make it happen.